Post-presidential Election Letter from the WVC GC Chair to the WVC Community

Colleagues: Tuesday night’s election result was stunning for many of us. Collectively and individually, the Global Citizenship Committee is still thinking about what this means for our communities, our students, our country, ourselves and, of course, for our children. My biggest takeaway is that our work as educators in the Community College matters even more today […]

GC Alliance Fellows Present at All-College Day

Every fall and spring semester, faculty, administrators, and staff members meet on a designated day, All-College Day, to catch up on news about the college and state and federal factors and events about education, and to participate in professional development activities. One of those activities included Dr. Janis Kea (who teaches Economics), Ms. Renee Paquier […]

WVC Team to Attend Global Citizenship Seminar

The WVC Global Citizenship Committee, with the support of the WVC Office of the President, is pleased to announce that a team of two faculty members and one administrator have been awarded a stipend to attend the Global Citizenship Alliance’s GCS 6, the “Global Citizenship Seminar for Faculty and Administrators,” a one week residential professional development […]