WVC Faculty and Student Exchange Program in Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul, Turkey July 2007
Photo by DMG.

Istanbul, Turkey

 Student/Faculty Exchange Program and Interior Design Workshops

July 2007

On two continents bridging East and West. Three co-existing Abrahamic religions. Site for vigorous investment (e.g., communication, finance, electricity). Great tourist destination. Rich and varied culture and history. Spectacular mountains, superb beaches and antiquities: Turkey is the happening place to be!

Opportunities to learn with and from highly qualified Turkish instructors who teach in well regarded practice-oriented Interior Design programs at four private universities in Istanbul and Ankara.

Bahçesehir University                        T.C. Yeditepe University

Kadir Has University                           Bilkent University


Cigdem Bulut                                                              Diane Hurd, Chair

WVC Interior Design                                                  WVC Interior Design

tel:       (408) 741-4638                                           tel:       408.741.2406

email: cigdem.bulut@westvalley.edu                 email: diane.hurd@westvalley.edu

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