Calendar of Events for March 2008


Scheduled Activities for March 2008

Focus on Women’s History Month 

Tuesday the 4th, 1:00—3:00

“The Official Story,” film and discussion

about Argentinean women’s influence in politics, Melvin Pritchard

Wednesday the 5th, 12:30—1:30

Study Abroad Opportunities

Helayna Thickpenny, Diane Hurd

Thursday the 6th, 11:30—1:30

Palm Reader

(in the Fireside Room)

Tuesday the 11th, 12:30—1:30

Photojournal/conversation, “India: Women, Leadership and Community,” Julie Maia

Tuesday the 11th, 2:00—3:00

Music performance by WVC’s Jazz Band, Gus Kambeitz

Wednesday the 12th, 1:00—2:00

Women in the Arts: Doris Salcedo,

The creation and emergence of space for those without a voice,

WVC students’ exhibit on female artists, Cynthia Napoli-Abella Reiss

Thursday the 13th, 2:00—3:00

Interior Design Study Abroad in Istanbul, Turkey

Cigdem Bulut, Diane Hurd, Dulce Maria Gray

Tuesday the 18th, 1:00—3:00

“Rosa Luxemburg,” film and discussion

about the German-Polish socialist-feminist anti-war activist, Melvin Pritchard

Wednesday the 19th, 12:00—2:30

Iran and Afghanistan: New Year’s celebration

Niosha Dance Academy, Iranian Traditional Table, Slide show on Iran,

Panel of women from the Middle East discuss gender roles,

Helen Kahlouyan

Tuesday the 25th, 1:30—3:00

Women in the Workforce, Chat and Refreshments (in the Fireside Room)

Wednesday the 26th, 12:00—3:00

“Persepolis,” film and discussion

about Iranian women and graphic novels, Vicky Kalivitis


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