Calendar of Events for April 2008


Scheduled Activities for April 2008: Focus on “Diversity”

Wednesday the 9th , 12:30—2:00

Dances Around the World with Donna Frankel

Monday the 14th, 12:00—2:00

By Ear and By Scent: One Woman’s Tale of Diversity

with Susan Schulter

Tuesday the 15th, 11:00—12:30

“Living Islam in America” with Dian Alyan,

Outreach Director at the Muslim Community Association Islamic Center

in Santa Clara and Isa Eric Shaw, an American Muslim 

Wednesday the 16th, 2:30—3:30

“Shift Happens”: Report on the Community College League of CA  “Creating Our Future” 2007 Annual Convention with Angelica Bangle, Dulce María Gray, Becky Perelli, Patti Yukawa

Tuesday the 22nd,1:00—2:00

Earth Day Celebration with Robert Lopez


Why/How to Infuse  “Diversity” in the Curriculum:

Conversation with WVC’s Academic Senate and

Ireri Valenzuela-Vergara from CA Tomorrow/CCN

(in the Board Room)

Wednesday the 23rd, 12:30—2:30   

“Do You Speak Diversity?”

with members of WVC’s Campus Change Network

(in the Baltic Room)

Thursday the 24th, 2:00—4:00

Film and conversation: Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion,

directed by Tom Peosay

with Janine Gerzanics, David Ryan

Monday the 28th, 11:00—1:00

Film and conversation: Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible

directed by Shakti Butler

with members of WVC’s Campus Change Network

Tuesday the 29th, 11:00—12:30

“Diversity as I lived it in South Africa” with Dee Rencken, WVC student

Wednesday the 30th, 11:00—12:30

Mexico’s Maya People: A Travelogue with Bill Proudfoot

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