WVC Faculty to Attend the Salzburg Global Seminar

This summer, for the first time, West Valley College will be represented at the Salzburg Global Seminar!

The mission of the Salzburg Global Seminar is to challenge present and future leaders to solve issues of global concern. In July, Drs. Cynthia Reiss and Dulce Maria Gray will participate in the “Making Colleges and Universities Sites of Global Citizenship,” an international study program for college faculty and administrators. The aim of the week-long seminar is to explore the factors that may either support or restrain a comprehensive approach to global education in the community college and to develop strategies for incorporating a comprehensive approach to global education by focusing on institutional policies, curriculum enhancement and faculty development.
The seminar will take place in Schloss Leopoldskron, an 18th century baroque castle.

Through this participation in the Salzburg seminar, WVC plans to strengthen ties with San Jose University and its Global Studies Program and its connections with the Salzburg Global Seminar. WVC is working diligently to extend participation in the Salzburg Seminar to students, and to broaden opportunities for study abroad.


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