Attending the Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria

By Dulce Maria Gray

Gardens in the back of the schloss.

Cynthia Reiss and I have completed the very first full day of the Global Citizenship Program for Faculty and Administrators Salzburg Global Seminar. One of the precepts in Global Studies is to create opportunities for stepping out of whatever boxes we live in, and to learn by experiencing cultures and ways of being that are different from what we know. With that precept in mind, I want to share a few pictures.

The seminar takes place at Schloss Leopoldskron, an exquisite Roccoco style palace on a little lake, Leopoldskroner Weiher. In the background of this picture, you can see Festung Hohensalburg, a castle and fortress, built in 1077, that looms over all of Salzburg.

In this room, now used as the main dining area of the Schloss, it’s easy to appreciate the elaborate stucco work, done by Johann Kleber, that distinguishes this palace from many others.


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