Screening of Robert Adanto’s The Rising Tide

The West Valley College Global Citizenship Committee presents a screening of  
Robert Adanto’s The Rising Tide 
Screening will be followed by Q&A and a discussion about his film-making career, his films, and China today.
Monday 28 November 2011 at 6:00 PM in the WVC Theater

The Rising Tide explores China’s transformation through the work and words of several of the country’s leading young artists, photographers and filmmakers. Filmed in China, a country that has one of the most vital, imaginative, and uncontainable art scenes in the world, The Rising Tide presents the work of artists Cao Fei, Xu Zhen, Yang Yong, Wang Qingsong, Chen Qiulin, Birdhead, and Zhang O. Through their work, mainly in photography and video, the film examines the collision between the present and the future, and the confusion and ambiguity that characterize the new China. Within the dual context of globalization and urbanization, these young artists attempt to deal with the dynamic forces transforming China. The Rising Tide captures a momentous time in China’s history while exploring the work of artists who comment with intelligence, wit, foreboding and nostalgia. For more information and the film’s trailer, visit:

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