Chester Arnold Visits WVC


The Wreckage of Painting in the Video Age, 2000.
Oil on linen. 44 x 52 inches.

Chester Arnold, Bay Area narrative painter, lectured at WVC on Earth Day, Monday 22 April 2013. He was one of four speakers who participated in the WVC Climate Change Symposium organized by the Global Citizenship and Sustainability Committees.


The Great Piece of Turf, 2008.
Oil on linen. 70 x 84 inches.

Arnold is a renown artist whose works are described (in his current catalog) as a “visual exploration into notions of accumulation and dispersal.”


Crooked Timber, 2010.
Oil on linen. 78 x 96 inches.

Arnold’s paintings are included in New Old Masters, curated by Donald Kuspit, at the National Museum in Gdansk, Poland; at the Smithsonian American Art Museum; the Pasadena Museum of California Art; the San Jose Museum of Art.


Road to Paradise, 2007.
Oil on linen. 72 x 84 inches.

Arnold lives and works in Sonoma, California.


The Business of America Is Business, 2008.
Oil on line. 46 x 54 inches.

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