“The F-Word”–Thursday 9 May 2013

The WVC Women and Gender Studies Program and

the Global Citizenship Committee


The “F-Word”: Feminisms Around the World

Thursday 9 May 2013

2:15—4:00 PM in Fox 106 

WVC students present their work on global gender-related topics: 

Linda Ha—“The Rise of Thai Kathoeys”

Stephanie Castro Sousa—“Killing is Never Honorable: Women in Peril Worldwide”

Kelly Voreyer—“Thinly Veiled Threat: Dress Restrictions for Muslim Women in the UK”

Chelsea Charbonneau—“Femicide: The Story of Juarez”

Gaby Serrano—“The Myth of Matriarchy: Sexuality and the Mosuo of Southern China”

Audrey Lalor—“Sex Trafficking: The Modern Slavery”

Alyssa Jones—“When Sex is Work: Sex Workers’ Rights and Resources in Canada”

Sarah Pardee—“Stolen Childhood: Child Marriage is More Common than You Think”

Join us for light refreshments after the presentations!

Here is the video recording of this event.

This event is free and open to everyone. This event is organized by Leigh Burrill and her students in WS 1 with the support of the WVC Global Citizenship Committee. Global.citizenship@westvalley.edu

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