Mitra Fabian: Artist Extraordinaire!

WVC is lucky to have a new faculty member in the Art Department: Mitra Fabian teaches sculpture and drawing. She is a conceptual sculptor and installation artist who has exhibited in multiple galleries and venues. Most recently, during April 2014, she had a  solo show at the University of San Francisco’s Thacher Gallery. (She has had other solo shows at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and at Don Soker Contemporary Art.) And right before that, in March 2014, her work was included in a group show at the Supernatural Art Gallery in San Francisco. Mitra Fabian has been showing her art nationally since 1997, including at the Museum of Contemporary Craft, the Laguna Art Museum, the Armory Center for the Arts, Hinge Modern, and galleries in Los Angeles.


Mitra Fabian’s “Gravitation I” (plastic film, glue, acrylic, LEDs, 12″ x 12″ x 3″d, 2011)

Mitra Fabian uses scotch tape, glue, paper, paper hole-re-enforcers, stones and other mundane items and deconstructs and repurposes them into mysteriously surreal organic forms and ethereal sculptures that prompt viewers to think about the nature of relationships, and as she says, “the increasingly modified condition of humans, which pits nature against culture and blurs the line between organic and manufactured.” She uses exclusively manufactured materials that otherwise would be discarded.

Fabian's "Hoist" (2013). Graphite on duratrans.  27 1/2" X 23" framed.

Fabian’s “Hoist” (2013).
Graphite on duratrans.
27 1/2″ X 23″ framed.

Mitra Fabian spoke about her 2007 show at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art in KQED’s Spark. In this other short video, filmed in 2011 at the Richard L. Nelson Gallery and Fine Art Collection at the University of California-Davis, she discussed Squeak Carnwath’s “Elvis’ Air.”

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