Artist Taraneh Hemami Speaks on 7 Oct 2014

Taraneh Hemami uses a variety of art media to explore the constructs of identity and struggles for freedom. Although expressed through the lens of Iranian culture, Hemami’s work speaks to a panoptic human experience.

Four of her shattered glass portraits are on view at the West Valley College Art Gallery.TH

خانم ترانه همامى تلاش مبرمى براى كشف ساختار هويت و ازادى انسان ها از طريق انواع هنر رسانه اى دارند. اگر چه اين تلاش از نگاه و ديد فرهنگ ايرانى بيان مى شود، ولى كارهاى ايشان بياني است از تجربيات انسانى.
خانم همامى ،٧ اكتبر از ساعت ٢-٤ بعدازظهر در گالرى كالج وست ولى ، تجربيات خودشان را با شما در ميان ميگذارند. همينطور تعدادى از كارهاى هنرى ايشان كه با شيشه هاى شكسته كار شده اند به معرض نمايش عمومى در مى ايند.

Taraneh Hemami’s installation, Fabrications, “transforms, exalts and commodifies the graphic imagery of the underground culture of protest to create objects of both fine art and of the everyday. Handcrafted and manufactured replications of historical archives explore decades of collective activism and revolutionary actions both inside Iran and in its diaspora. Using as its source the collected archives of political dissent belonging to the Iranian Student Association of Northern California, (1954 to 1984), Fabrications investigates the universal connections between radical movements across times and geographies.”

Taraneh Hemami: Curtain of Blood, 2013, from Fabrications series, made with 8 mm faceted beads and thread

Taraneh Hemami: Curtain of Blood, 2013, from Fabrications series, made with 8 mm faceted beads and thread

Theory of Survival is an ongoing collective project that invites creative responses from artists, scholars and audiences to print matter belonging to the Iranian Students Association of Northern California. This material reflects the political sensibilities of the student organisation, who were engaged with the critical years between the CIA coup d’état and the Iranian Revolution. The project manifests as residencies designed as gatherings, libraries and research labs in educational and cultural institutions. Further material is collected by active members of the Iranian community and each invited artist or scholar brings his or her own curiosity or story to respond to the library.”

Taraneh Hemami's Theory of Survival: Book Covers

Taraneh Hemami’s Theory of Survival: Book Covers, 2013. Glass frits on wood panel, 9 panels of 18″ x 24″

Theory of Survival is a reference to a 1969 revolutionary pamphlet, The Necessity of Armed Struggle and the Refutation of the Theory of Survival, a manifesto promoting Marxist-Leninist urban guerilla warfare against the Shah’s regime, which became the manifesto for the underground movement Fada¯’iyan-e Khalq (Devotees of the People). The nine panels are a series of publications that feature the “martyrs” of the group.”

These sources provide more details about Hemami and her work:

Taraneh Hemami Creates a Market of Iranian Dissent at Southern Exposure

and “Fabrications.”


Taraneh Hemami’s webpage

Taraneh Hemami

Open Space

SF Gate

Emotion and Education in Art with Taraneh Hemami



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