Book Reading and Signing by WVC Published Authors on 17 Nov 2014

Four WVC faculty members  will be reading from their published works, signing their books, and sharing “adult cookies” with the audience.

The Orchard Window by American painter Daniel Garber. Oil on canvas, 1918.

The Orchard Window by American painter Daniel Garber. Oil on canvas, 1918.

Paulette Boudreaux

Paulette Boudreaux (Photo by Maryanne Mills)

Paulette Boudreaux will read from a chapter of her new novel that is published in a journal as a short story. Her novel, Mulberries, was selected from among 170 contest entries to win the inaugural Lee Smith Novel Prize, a prize that aims to recognize and publish authors living in, writing about, or being originally from the South of the United States. Ms. Boudreaux is a native of Mississippi who has been teaching in the English Department for almost twenty years. Mulberries focuses on an eleven-year-old girl struggling to keep herself and her three younger brothers afloat in segregated Mississippi during the early 1960s. It is a captivating tale of family drama and individual power.

Kelly Cooper (Photo by Maryanne Mills)

Kelly Cooper
(Photo by Maryanne Mills)

Kelly Cooper will read from her very fun and creative Cookies for Grownups, a cookbook with full color photos, scannable QR codes (for use with smart phones), and over 90 recipes “created to intrigue and satisfy the adult palate.” Her blog, GrownUP Cookies, offers more recipes, ideas for baking, and information about her other passion: showcasing California’s food artisans and their local businesses. Ms. Cooper has been teaching in the Information Technology and Business Departments for over fifteen years; one of her other areas of expertise is transnational online learning.

Dulce Maria Gray (Photo by Maryanne Mills)

Dulce Maria Gray
(Photo by Maryanne Mills)

Dulce María Gray will read from her latest book, Meanderings on the Making of a Diasporic Hybrid Identity, a scholarly manuscript about the construction of ethnic identity. Dr. Gray enjoys writing and publishing in several genres: this year, her short story, “You Take Twirled Bodies and Turn Them into Two,” was  published in an edited anthology titled No Regrets: It’s Time to Move On, and her scholarly essay, “Teaching Spidertown in the Blended Classroom,” is included in a forthcoming edited anthology titled Multiethnic American Literatures: Essays for Teaching Context and Culture. Dr. Gray has been teaching English and Women’s Studies at WVC for ten years; she is on sabbatical during the 2014-2015 academic year and is conducting research on culture-specific pedagogical practices in the teaching of college writing to Latin@s.

Lenore Harris (Photo by Maryanne Mills)

Lenore Harris
(Photo by Maryanne Mills)

Lenore Harris will read a published chapter from her historical novel, The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. Ms. Harris describes some of her background research for this novel in her blog where she details following the path of the African American sleeping car porters who worked as waiters and valets on long train trips such as the one she took from Oakland, California to New York City. Ms. Harris has been teaching Creative Writing at WVC for over fifteen years. Most recently, she completed a one year residency at the Steinbeck Fellowship in Creative Writing program of San José State University.



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