Two Members of the GC Committee Awarded a WVC Teaching and Innovation Grant

Vicky Kalivitis and Dr. Anna Brichko have been awarded a WVC Teaching and Innovation Grant for presenting their article at the Applied Business and Entrepreneurship Association International (ABEAI) conference in November 2014 on Maui, Hawaii. This yearly conference provides an opportunity for the exchange of research and ideas among faculty members, students, scholars and practitioners in business and entrepreneurship. Their article will be published in a special issue of the Indian Journal of Economics and Business or in the American Journal of Economics and Business Administration. Dr. Brichko writes:

We have developed a multi-faceted partnership among West Valley Community College, Leigh High School and San Jose State University with the objective of creating cohesion and progression in students’ educational experiences under the umbrella of global citizenship and entrepreneurship. We created a curriculum that reflects the objectives of all three institutions and a coherent structure for its consequent implementation in order to reflect students’ academic and career pathways.

We proceeded to describe the curriculum in an article titled “Designing, Implementing and Assessing a Curriculum to Reflect Global Competence and Entrepreneurship in Public Education” and submitted it for presentation at the ABEAI Conference under area 13 Innovative Teaching. We were accepted and presented our paper, which is pending publication. To present at the conference, we were supported by the Teaching and Learning Innovation Grant at West Valley College.

The proposed curriculum serves as a pathway for students’ transfer goals. WVC students gain the knowledge and experience that will certainly benefit their educational development and transfer paths. Under this paradigm, students gain global competence through research, interactive engagement, comprehension of local and global contemporary issues and developments, and increasing awareness of the implications of personal actions. Furthermore, this curriculum supports the development of leadership skills, which are essential for students’ success in their career goals.

For more information about their project, read this entry “Leigh HS-WVC-SJSU Global Pathway Project” in the WVC Global Citizenship blog.

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