Screening of Project Censored on 10 March

project-censored The WVC Library, with sponsorship from the Global Citizenship Committee, will be screening the documentary Project Censored the Movie: Ending the Reign of Junk Food News followed by a discussion with the directors. Determined to break the grip of “junk food news” on the American public, two California fathers uncover the corporate media’s true agenda and investigate the importance of a free and independent media. Christopher Oscar and Doug Hecker, the two dads, will be on hand to discuss the movie. When: Tuesday, March 10     Time: 12:30 – 2:00pm     Location: WVC Campus Center, Lower Lounge The documentary touches upon many disciplines. Investigating the mission of Project Censored and their non-profit work is an invaluable education for our community. Project Censored’s Mission: Project Censored educates students and the public about the importance of a truly free press for democratic self-government. They expose and oppose news censorship and promote independent investigative journalism, media literacy, and critical thinking. Project Censored Promotes Media Literacy and Democracy: An informed public is crucial to democracy in at least two basic ways.

  • First, without access to relevant news and opinion, people cannot fully participate in government.
  • Second, without media literacy, people cannot evaluate for themselves the quality or significance of the news they receive. Censorship undermines democracy.

(Graphic by Vicky Vo)

Project Censored’s work—including our annual book, weekly radio broadcasts, campus affiliates program, and additional community events—highlights the important links among a free press, media literacy and democratic self-government. Over 120 students, faculty and other people attended this event–including students in the Middle College Program, students in various English classes, and students in a few Biology classes. Following are photos depicting the audience in conversation with the directors of the film, Christopher Oscar and Dough Hecker.


The Directors of the film, Christopher Oscar and Dough Hecker, speaking with the audience. (Photo by Maryanne Mills)


(Photo by Maryanne Mills)

The Directors of the film, Christopher Oscar and Dough Hecker, speaking with the audience. (Photo by Maryanne Mills)

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