Heidi Brueckner’s Art Exhibition

The WVC GC Committee invites you to an exhibition of extraordinary art by

Heidi Brueckner

Chair of WVC’s Art Department

Global Citizenship Room in the WVC Campus Center

October and November 2015


“Fun with GMOs” by Heidi Brueckner

“My work focuses mostly on cultural allegories and norms conveyed through a collage-like juxtaposition of representation imagery, symbolism, and elaborate patterning. The patterning is often influenced by art from many different cultures. Topics that tend to permeate my work are the precarious, dark grotesque, and sleazy side of human nature, subjects by which I am continually fascinated. The Collages are much more intuitive and dream-like and appeal to the subconscious of human experience. Both explore notions of what is and is not ‘normal’ and desirable, and inspire cross-cultural comparisons. I strive to invite the viewer to walk the line between what is beautiful and disturbing.”


“Nest” by Heidi Brueckner

For Ms. Brueckner, being an artist and teaching art is simply natural: “Basically, I became an artist because, quite unexpectedly, I found that I had an ability to discuss art, and to do it! I remember that I went to an Impressionist show in the 1980s at the LA County Museum of Art. I was just able to understand painting and to talk about it. I remember my parents were kind of blown away.” After that, Ms. Brueckner reconsidered her college major in Anthropology and added Art History. She went to study abroad in Europe where, as she says, she toured “huge amounts of museums”:


“Panacea” by Heidi Brueckner

“I was so incredibly inspired that I realized that I couldn’t not be a painter. So, I ended up double majoring, but basically I pursued painting big time after the study abroad. (That’s why I’m such a huge proponent of study abroad.)”


“Lunch” by Heidi Brueckner

At WVC, Ms. Brueckner teaches painting, drawing, and design. A few more of her pieces can be seen in her website. The exhibition in the WVC Global Citizenship Center will be open until December; it includes the pieces shown here.


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