Art and Terror: A Space and Time to Reflect


This three day interactive art installation drew many participants who created beautiful origami cranes and composed reflections (see prompts below) which were then tucked in a box; later, these items will be displayed as art. Participants were also exposed to a passive learning opportunity, a PP presentation with information and questions for pondering; and they talked with each other about their feelings and awareness of recent violent events.


A student helped with the setup by carrying one hundred and fifty long stem white roses. (Photo by DMG)

Prompts included:

What thoughts would you like to send those who have suffered from acts of violence?


Students picked up origami paper and began to create cranes; some took time to compose their thoughts and to tuck their notes in a box. (Photo by DMG)

What can we do to promote justice and humanity so that all people can live in a more peaceful world?


There was a passive learning opportunity–a looping PP presentation with information and prompts for writing. (Photo by DMG)

How can we live in a multicultural society, where people with different values and beliefs can live together and where each of us can retain our own values and beliefs?


Some wrote their messages on the same sheet of origami paper they used to create their cranes. (Photo by DMG)

Violent acts are perpetrated all over the world; how can we help promote justice and peace right here in the US?


WVC President Bradley Davis stopped by to chat with students who were busy creating origami cranes. (Photo by DMG)

What can we do as a community at West Valley College to promote more awareness around issues of justice, inclusion, and peace? How can these concerns be incorporated into classes, activities, or programs?


Origami cranes began to accumulate; when the written instructions seemed incomprehensible, people pulled out their phones and watched video instructions.

What is the role that you want to play in order to make society a better place?

How do you plan to make our society a better place?

November 12th: Daesh terrorists killed 43 civilians in Beirut; November 13th: Daesh terrorists killed 129 civilians in Paris. Why did the world stop for Paris and not for Beirut?


WVC President Bradley Davis with student Ksenia Koulechova. (Photo by DMG)


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