Members of the WVC GC Committee Present about the Global Citizenship Alliance

Sharing dinner at Schloss Leopoldskron

Participants in the Salzburg Global Seminar of July 2011 share dinner in Schloss Leopoldskron. (Photo by DMG)

To date, 12 WVC faculty members and one administrator have attended the Salzburg Global Seminar at the Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg, Austria. On Friday 29 January 2016, many of these Salzburg Global Fellows met during a breakout session of WVC’s All College Day to discuss the lessons learned and to answer colleagues’ questions. This next summer, three more members of the WVC faculty and administration will be attending the global seminar.

It is an exciting time to attend the global seminar: the Global Citizenship Program (GCP)’s staff have formed an independent organization, the Global Citizenship Alliance, that will continue to deepen the work of global citizenship education. The GCA’s work will focus on enabling institutions to become sites of global citizenship that educate students with the future-focused global competencies required to successfully navigate cultures and geography in the twenty-first century. Those competencies include developing an understanding of interdependency, diversity, inclusion, and reciprocity at home and abroad.

Starting this summer, the Global Citizenship Alliance will conduct seminars and workshops for faculty, administrators, and students, as follows:

  • Seminars and workshops at different locations, including the United States in addition to the familiar location in Salzburg;
  • Tailor-made programs for GCP alumni and other constituencies;
  • Increased ownership and input by GCP stakeholders by involving representatives of partner institutions, faculty and participants in program design, curriculum development and new initiatives of the Global Citizenship Alliance.

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