Invitation to Apply for the GC Faculty 2016 Summer Seminar


The West Valley College Global Citizenship Committee, with the support of the WVC Office of the President, invite WVC full-time faculty members to apply for a stipend to attend the Global Citizenship Alliance’s GCS 6, the “Global Citizenship Seminar for Faculty and Administrators,” a one week residential faculty development program.

This year, GCS 6, takes place in Potsdam, Germany from 10 to 17 July 2016.

Participants will stay in the Mercure Hotel Potsdam City, right by the Havel River, across the street from the Old Market and Potsdam Museum where the lectures will be held.


GCS 6 aims to examine a diverse set of substantive topics, explore strategies for institutional change, and create a framework for initiating, participating in, and implementing specific initiatives to transform the college into a “site of global citizenship.” During the week, participants engage in developing knowledge, skills, values, and commitment to:

  • Understanding the nature of globalization
  • Understanding diversity
  • Recognizing critical global challenges
  • Thinking globally and acting locally
  • Applying lessons learned to address specific needs at WVC


The cost of this one-week seminar in Potsdam includes the cost for the seminar, the hotel, and meals.

  • Tuition and individual room and board is $2,500.
  • R/T airfare from SFO or SJC to Berlin (which is a half hour train ride from Potsdam) is approximately $1,500.
  • The total cost to attend is approximately $4,000.

The stipend awarded will be $4,000. The $2,500 will be paid directly to the Seminar and the remaining $1,500 will be reimbursed, upon submission of receipt, directly to the participant. Of course, the participant is responsible for personal expenses.


Upon successful completion of this seminar, the participant will be inducted into the Global Citizenship Alliance Fellowship. As a Fellow, the participant will have strengthened knowledge of Global Studies, and, in particular, how to apply that knowledge at the classroom, department, division, and college levels.

Support for attending this seminar is given with the expectation that the participant will apply his/her strengthened skills at WVC. Therefore, the GC Committee requests the following from applicants:

  • A 750-word plan for a project of your choice (that you will execute during the 2016-2017 academic year) that demonstrates commitment to carrying out global studies-centered initiatives and that benefit the WVC community.
  • The project must be rooted in global citizenship/global studies precepts.
  • If selected, the plan of action should be presented to the WVC Community on Flex Day during the GCC session and the plan of action will be posted on the WVC blog. To share the work with the community as the project progresses, documents, observations, challenges, successes, and feedback will be posted on the blog two times during each semester.
  • The project should be completed by the end of Spring 2017 semester.
  • To further understand what global studies-centered means, feel free to consult with any of the 12 Fellows who have already attended the Seminar, and/or review the WVC Global Citizenship website and the WVC Global Citizenship blog.
  • For example, a project may entail a plan for reframing your pedagogy with Global Studies precepts, or for infusing your course with Global Studies-centered themes and materials.
  • Commitment to attend five meetings of the WVC Global Citizenship Committee:
  • One with Fellows for support and debriefing before your departure/at the end of spring 2016 semester;
  • One as a presenter during the GCC breakout (at fall semester Flex day) to discuss your experience at the seminar and to present your project and plan of action to the WVC community;
  • One during a GCC meeting for support and debriefing (about your project) during fall 2016 semester;
  • Two during GCC meetings in spring 2017 to discuss the status of your project, and again to discuss the completion of your project.
  • Commitment to share what you learn with members of your department, your division, and the entire college community (via presentations, involvement in committees, writing entries for the WVC Global Citizenship blog, and other ways that you choose).


Every WVC full-time faculty member is encouraged to apply. In order to do so, please submit your 750-word plan for a project electronically to the WVC Academic Senate secretary at by 5:00 PM on Monday 11 April 2016.

Please make sure that your application is formatted as follows:

  • A separate cover page with your name and contact information (email address and telephone number);
  • And your 750-word statement WITHOUT your name. 


An ad-hoc subcommittee of the WVC Academic Senate will conduct a blind review of applications and choose from among them following the criteria detailed in the attached rubric.

The AS ad-hoc subcommittee will report the names of the recipients to the chair of the WVC Global Citizenship Committee, who will contact the recipients.

Recipients must confirm their attendance by contacting the chair of the WVC GCC.

Upon receiving confirmation from recipients, the chair of the WVC GCC will make a public announcement to the WVC community. The entire process should be completed by the beginning of May.

Recipients must have a valid/current passport and make their own flight arrangements.

Since there are very limited funds, and a good number of faculty members are interested in attending, please confirm your availability for travel prior to applying. Thank you.


“Rubric: a means of communicating expectations”

Rubric for ranking applications for stipends to attend the Global Citizenship Alliance Seminar for Faculty and Administrators 10 to 17 July 2016

Application # ________________

Criteria Worth Assigned points
Project and execution of project is

·      rooted in global studies



·      responsive to a need specifically at WVC 10
·      considered and planned carefully and clearly 10
·      innovative   5
·      feasible for the 2016-2017 academic year 10
Narrative is

·      clear, developed, and substantiated

Total 50

If you have any questions prior to applying, please contact:
Cynthia Reiss–
Dulce Maria Gray–

Any of the other 10 faculty members and administrator who attended the seminar is glad to answer your questions:

Anna Brichko, Leigh Burrill, William Clay, Karina Dundurs, Gretchen Ehlers, Herlisa Hamp, Joe Hasty, Vicky Kalivitis, Andy Kindon, Maryanne Mills


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