Students Respond to the Presidential Election


November 9th 2016 was somber on the WVC campus. The mood was so solemn that the Office of Student Equity and Success decided to hold an impromptu solidarity walk with faculty, administrators, and students. The director of the Office offered words of comfort to students: “You are welcome on this campus–no matter your ethnicity, your race, gender, sexuality, or ability. You are welcome and we will do our best to support and educate you.”

The Office also set up a board and invited students to express their sentiments on post-it notes. Soon, the board was covered.


“I am sad because hate seems to beat love.”

“Already booked my one way trip to Canada.”

“Education is still the key to our freedom. Our experience here will decide what kind of America we become.”

“Trump is unfit to become the nation’s president.”

“The Simpsons predicted the outcome.”

“I voted for Stein and it made it feel as if my vote didn’t count and didn’t matter.”

“People have the right to vote. people have the right to speak. All I ask is that if you did vote for Donald Trump is that you be respectful, understanding, and kind for those fearful or having anxiety, because Trump was elected. Please be a decent person.”


“Moving to New Zealand.”

“It only takes one snowflake to start an avalanche.”

“Yay, I get to keep my guns.”

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