Post-presidential Election Letter from the WVC GC Chair to the WVC Community


Tuesday night’s election result was stunning for many of us.

Collectively and individually, the Global Citizenship Committee is still thinking about what this means for our communities, our students, our country, ourselves and, of course, for our children.

My biggest takeaway is that our work as educators in the Community College matters even more today than ever before, and that the efforts of the Global Citizenship Committee are critical within this landscape.  For us, Global Citizens are consciously prepared to live, work and engage in the highly intricate interdependent society of the 21st century with an orientation towards improving the global common welfare.

Global Citizens are people who have developed the knowledge, skills, tools, values and commitment to:

  • understanding  the nature of globalization, including positive and negative impacts in the world, and how it is transforming human society
  • appreciating the diversity of humanity in all its manifestations, from global to local, including interacting with different groups of people who work to address common concerns
  • recognizing the critical global challenges that are compromising humanity’s future and seeing how their complexity and interconnections make solutions increasingly difficult
  • collaborating with different sets of stakeholders–by thinking globally and acting locally–to resolve critical challenges and to build a more equitable and sustainable world                                                                                        
  • (These precepts are excerpted from the Global Citizenship Alliance, an organization of people who have mentored us and with whom we have worked closely.)

The GCC has always underscored the role global education/experience plays in being able to respect, welcome, understand, see through, and learn from the myriad perspectives of other peoples, other positions, and other worldviews.

Today, almost one week after the election, we understand more lucidly the importance of this work and the work of the WVC Office of Student Equity and Success and … we remain steadfast in our commitment to these precepts.


Cynthia Reiss 


WVC Global Citizenship Committee

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