Invitation to Apply for the GC Faculty 2017 Summer Seminar


The WVC Global Citizenship Committee, with the support of the WVC Office of the President, is pleased to remind you to apply for the Global Citizenship 2017 Summer Seminar.

This year the opportunity is different and very exciting.

The aim is still to enhance full-time faculty’s professional development in Global Citizenship, so that you can make even greater impact on student engagement, equity, and success. But this year you get to choose from among different seminars. Here are the two organizations from which you may choose a seminar.

  1. CIEE offers seminars on various topics and in different locations including China, Spain, England, and France

  1. Global Citizenship Alliance offers its GC seminar in Potsdam, Germany

Tuition and Expenses paid

  • $2,500 seminar fee
  • $1,500 travel expense
  • That is a maximum/total of $4,000 per faculty member.

You may choose a seminar that is more expensive than $2,500, but you would be responsible for paying the additional expense.

Here are the three easy steps you need to follow in order to apply:

  1. Work with another faculty member to conceptualize a GC-centered project.
  2. Choose a seminar that will help you to accomplish your project.
  3. Submit a proposal detailing your joint project.

Here are more in-depth details:

  1. Collaboration with a WVC full-time member is required.
    1. That is, the project has to be proposed by two faculty members; they may be from different disciplines.
  2. Your project has to center on Global Citizenship.
  3. Your narrative has to detail
    1. the need that the project serves
    2. the uniqueness/innovativeness of the project
    3. your aim and
    4. how the project will impact global education at WVC,
    5. how the chosen seminar will help you to meet your aim,
    6. clear and tangible outcomes, and
    7. timeline and benchmarks for all phases of the project.
  4. Your project has to be completed by August 2018.
  5. If chosen, your proposal and benchmarks for completion will be made available to the WVC community in the WVC GC blog and website.
    1. And, you must make a presentation about your project during All College Day in August 2017.
  6. Submit your proposal to the WVC Academic Senate secretary by 11:59 PM on Tuesday 31 January 2017.
    1. Please email to
  7. Your proposal must be formatted so that your names are not on the narrative.
    1. That is, include a separate cover page with your names and contact information, and do not put your names on the narrative.
  8. For more details, please attend either of the two GC breakout sessions during All College Day on Friday 27 January at 12:15 PM and then again at 1:15.
  9. Two collaborative projects will be funded (that’s four faculty members).
  10. Only WVC full-time faculty members are eligible this year.
  11. Only joint projects are eligible this year.
  12. A sub-committee of the WVC Academic Senate will conduct a blind review of the proposals and select two projects (four faculty members).
  13. The Chair of the WVC GC Committee will contact the chosen faculty members.
  14. The GC Committee’s aim is to have four confirmed participants by the end of February, so that they can register for the seminars by the first week in March.
  15. The WVC GC Committee requests that faculty members apply only if they have confirmed their availability to travel, and only if they have valid passports.

Warm Regards,

The WVC Global Citizenship Committee

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