Study Abroad: Austria


Schloss Leopoldskron, Salzburg, Austria

West Valley College has dedicated funds to offer Study Abroad scholarships to eight WVC students to attend the week-long Global Citizenship Seminar GCS 11 convened at Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg, Austria from June 12 to June 19, 2017. GCS 11 is organized by the Global Citizenship Alliance. It focuses on providing an intensive seven-day experience that allows students to develop better understanding of the processes and effects of globalization. Students gain understanding about what it means to be a Global Citizen and how to apply the core values of global citizenship in academic, professional, and personal actions.

This seminar helps students to consciously prepare to live and work in the complex interdependent society of the 21st century and to contribute to improving the common global welfare or our planet and its inhabitants. Activities include a trip to Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site in neighboring Germany. The scholarship application is here.

Dr. Tim Kelly, Professor of history and Political Science, will travel with the students as Faculty Advisor. Dr. Kelly may be reached here.

Students who wish to pay their own fees please contact the Director of Study Abroad, Dr. Dulce María Gray.



Left to right: Amber Valentine, Isaiah Woods, Brynna Crumbly, Aunika Santos-Aguirre, Aaron Latta, WVC President Bradley Davis, the group’s Faculty Advisor Dr. Tim Kelly, Cade Story-Yetton, Norman Rose, and Mikela Lazari

Eight WVC students were chosen to receive the first WVC Global Citizenship Study Abroad Scholarship to attend the Global Citizenship Seminar in Salzburg, Austria. They and their Faculty Advisor, Dr. Tim Kelly, met for a pre-departure workshop and the WVC president, Bradley Davis, stopped by to congratulate them.

The students and Dr. Kelly will also visit Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site in Germany; in preparation, Dr. Kelly is already guiding the students through reading Elie Wiesel’s Night, and a thick packet of various scholarly texts about global citizenship.


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