Sixth GC Conference

To watch a video recording of this conference, click HERE.

The WVC Global Citizenship Committee is proud to present the Sixth Global Citizenship Conference on Friday 28 April from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM in the Fox Center room 120. This year the focus is Study Abroad. Below is the program.

4-28-17-1Program4-28-17-2ProgramThe first item during the conference was for Dr. Tim Kelly to present certificates to eight student recipients of the first Global Citizenship Scholarship for Study Abroad to attend the week-long Global Citizenship Seminar GCS 11 convened at Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg, Austria from June 12 to June 19, 2017. GCS 11 is organized by the Global Citizenship Alliance. It focuses on providing an intensive seven-day experience that allows students to develop better understanding of the processes and effects of globalization. Students gain understanding about what it means to be a Global Citizen and how to apply the core values of global citizenship in academic, professional, and personal actions.


Left to right: Dr. Tim Kelly, Brynna Crumley, Mikela Lazari, Aaron Latta, Harley Rose, Aunika Santos-Aguirre Cade Story-Yetto, Amber Valentine, Isaiah Woods (Photo by Samantha Wu)

This seminar helps students to consciously prepare to live and work in the complex interdependent society of the 21st century and to contribute to improving the common global welfare or our planet and its inhabitants. Activities include a trip to Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site in Germany; in preparation, the students’ Faculty Advisor, Dr. Kelly is guiding them through reading Elie Wiesel’s Night, and a thick packet of various scholarly texts about global citizenship.


During the pre-departure orientation, at the beginning of April, in the Global Citizenship Center, left to right: Amber Valentine, Isaiah Woods, Brynna Crumbly, Aunika Santos-Aguirre, Aaron latte, WVC College President Bradley Davis, Faculty Advisor Dr. Tim Kelly, Cade Story-Yetton, Harley Rose, and Mikela Lazari at the beginning of April, left to right: Amber Valentine, Isaiah (Photo by DMG)

Part of Dr. Kelly’s presentation is below:





#5The second item during the conference was for Dr. Dulce María Gray to present certificates to two other student recipients of the Global Citizenship Scholarship for Study Abroad: Aoife Cullen and Sandra M. Villicana. They are students in WVC’s Healthcare Technologies Program and are pursuing the Clinical and Medical Assisting certifications, respectively. This summer, they will join Global Medical Brigades‘ Medical Brigade Chapter of the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom. Global Medical Brigades is a non-profit international movement of students and medical professionals who work alongside local communities and staff to implement sustainable health systems. Aoife and Sandra’s brigade will spend 9 days (from June 26 to July 4) on a medical humanitarian mission to Honduras where they will provide medical services to impoverished rural communities.


Sandra and Aoife (Photo by Samantha Wu)

Aoife intends to be a nurse. Sandra intends to be a surgeon. Their role as volunteers includes:

  1. Accompany Community Health Workers on house visits to perform household health analyses, o er recommendations for improvement, assist with chronic patient care, and analyze patient history records.
  2. Organize and pack supplies and medicine needed for each day’s work.
  3. Under the direction of local Honduran doctors and in concert with community members and permanent Global Brigades sta , aid in running the assigned Medical/Dental Clinic.
  4. Participate in tasks that include intake, triage, shadowing licensed professionals, delivering post-op care instructions, and conducting children’s education workshops.
  5. Construction of an assigned public health project that may include latrines, showers, water storage units, concrete oors, and/or eco-stoves in local homes.
  6. Lead an educational workshop on public hygiene and maintenance of the public health project.
  7. Participate in an orientation covering the Global Brigades model, medical program, and basic cultural sensitivity training.

Dr. Kelly also received a certificate expressing thanks for his diligent work with the students attending the GC seminar in Salzburg, Austria.


Kathryn Francis, the Director of University Partnerships at EF College Study Tours, spoke about the importance of faculty-led short term study abroad programs. Below are highlights from her presentation.





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