Dr. Fried Visits WVC

JochenInviteThe WVC Global Citizenship Committee and the entire WVC community is pleased to welcome Dr. Jochen Fried!

The WVC Global Citizenship Committee has had a relationship with Dr. Jochen Fried, President/CEO of the Global Citizenship Alliance, since 2010 when he visited WVC with Dr. Bill Reckmeyer, Professor of Leadership and Systems in the Department of Anthropology at San José State University. Dr. Reckmeyer was also the Director of the SJSU Salzburg Program. The chair of the GC Committee at the time, Dr. Dulce María Gray, had previously invited him to speak at one of the meetings, because the GCC was interested in learning about the SJSU Salzburg program, the Global Citizenship Seminar in Austria, and about how to infuse the precepts of Global Citizenship and Global Studies into the campus culture at WVC.

In 2010, Dr. Fried was Director of Education at Salzburg Global Seminar, where he was responsible for developing and maintaining programs, including the Global Citizenship Program. The Salzburg Global Seminar was founded in 1947 to “encourage the revival of intellectual dialogue in post-war Europe” and since then has functioned as a “catalyst for global engagement on critical issues.” The mission of the Salzburg Global Seminar is “to challenge current and future leaders to solve issues of global concern,” including in areas such as sustainability and justice.


18 October 2017, left to right WVC colleagues: Dr. Matais Pouncil, and Salzburg Global Seminar Fellows Dr. Sean Pepin, Dr. Tim Kelly, Dr. Janis Kea, our guest Dr. Jochen Freid, Renée Paquier, Dr. Dulce María Gray, Leigh Burrill, Vicky Kalivitis, Dr. Anna Brichko

Dr. Fried’s visit in 2010 was inspiring. By June 2011, the Office of the President of WVC dedicated a modest amount of funds to the GCC to cover the cost of sending one member to participate in that summer’s Global Citizenship Seminar in Salzburg, Austria. The new GC Committee chair at the time, Dr. Cynthia Reiss, and the former chair, Dr. Dulce María Gray, attended the seminar, and they returned to WVC invigorated and determined to procure funds to send more faculty members to the Seminar so that they too would learn about Global Citizenship and about affecting change at both the faculty/administrator and institutional levels.

The relationship with Dr. Fried and Dr. Reckmeyer strengthened further during spring 2012. Both were guest speakers at the First Annual WVC Global Citizenship Conference: 3-16-12 Program

3-16-12-2 Program

In 2013, GCC continued to collaborate with Drs. Fried and Reckmeyer. Dr. Anna Brichko and Vicky Kalivitis attended the Salzburg Global Seminar, and with the leadership of (and grant funds procured by) Dr. Reiss, they both organized and led the Global Citizenship “Pipeline” Project: Path to Success from high School to University. They presented their work during the 2014 Third Annual GC Conference, when Dr. Fried, once again, was a guest speaker. His talk focused on globalization and the community college.

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 1.41.05 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 1.41.22 PMWith additional grant funds procured by Dr. Gray, Dr. Brichko and Ms. Kalivitis were able to extend their Pipeline Project and to guide students (from Leigh High School, WVC, and San José State University) in learning about Global Citizenship, and in practicing leadership skills. Students conceptualized, organized, and delivered four semester-long “Mini-Salzburg Seminar/Global Pathway” conferences for students at Leigh High School.

Shortly after, Drs. Reiss and Gray began to coordinate the Global Citizenship Faculty Learning Community, a project that endeavored to engage WVC faculty members in learning about Global Citizenship, in infusing all teaching with the precepts of GC, and in collaborating with other faculty members at Foothill College and San José State University.

Additionally, having learned much (while attending the GC Seminar) about how to affect institutional change, and in an effort to share lessons about Global Citizenship, Drs. Gray and Reiss, along with many members of the GC Committee, began to consistently present at All College Day gatherings at the beginning of each semester.

After those early visits by Dr. Fried, Drs. Reiss and Gray, and the GC Committee, continued to work with him. Among all of the work accomplished by the GC Committee, over 300 co-curricular activities were planned and delivered; funds were secured so that every summer faculty members attended the GC Seminar, and, the Annual Earth Stewardship Symposium and the Annual F-Word is Feminism Global Gender Symposium were launched.



By the end of summer 2016, 16 WVC faculty members and administrators had attended the GC Seminar for faculty and administrators! During the summer of 2017, one Faculty Advisor and 8 students attended the GC Seminar for students. Current plans are to increase the number of students who will participate in the GC Seminar during summer 2018.

Global Citizenship Seminar Fellows


Faculty and Administrators

Dr. Anna Brichko, World Languages

Leigh Burrill, English & Women, Gender and Queer Studies

William Clay, Theater

Karina Dundurs, Business Administration

Gretchen Ehlers, Mathematics

Dr. Dulce María Gray, English & Women, Gender and Queer Studies

Herlisa Hamp, Office of Student Equity

Joseph Hasty, Geography

Vicky Kalivitis, English

Dr. Janis Kea, Economics

Dr. Andrew Kindon, Anthropology

Maryanne Mills, Library

Renée Paquier, Administration of Justice

Dr. Sean Pepin, Student Services

Dr. Cynthia Napoli-Abella Reiss, History of Art


Students and their Faculty Advisor


June 2017: Dachau, Germany

Dr. Jon Timothy Kelly, History & Political Science

Brynna Crumley

Aaron Latta

Mikela Lazari

Norman Rose

Aunika Santos-Aguirre

Cade Story-Yetto

Amber Valentine

Isaiah Woods

IMG_332418 October 2017, Global Citizenship Seminar Fellows: Renée Paquier, Leigh Burrill, Vicky Kalivitis, Anna Brichko

In the mean time, Dr. Fried created the Global Citizenship Alliance, a new organization associated with the Salzburg Global Seminar’s Global Citizenship Program. The GC Alliance “promotes education for engaged knowledge and responsible action in an interdependent world.”

The Global Citizenship Alliance works with partners who are intentionally focused on infusing campuses with the relevant attitudes, knowledge, and strategies to prepare students to be global citizens. In partnership with a diverse group of higher education institutions (currently based primarily in the United States), the GCA offers two interrelated kinds of intensive week-long sessions, one for faculty/administrators and the other for students. Thus it engages all levels of stakeholders to create lasting and intentional change.

Undoubtedly, Dr. Fried has had an indelible impact on the faculty, administrators, students, and campus culture of WVC. On this autumn day, seven years after his first visit to the GCC at West Valley College, Dr. Jochen Fried is welcomed in friendship and thanks for his steadfast guidance in helping faculty, administrators, and students to learn and practice the ideals of Global Citizenship. His contributions will continue to impact the West Valley College community for generations.

Dr. Fried writes:

At the heart of global citizenship education are ethical questions concerning the values and norms we have to observe in an interconnected world such as values of justice and compassion, of civility, respect and recognition.


18 October 2017, Dr. Fried, right, talking with faculty members and students from WVC and SJSU

This entry was composed by Dr. Dulce María Gray.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Fried Visits WVC

  1. What a great event! Jochen clearly felt honored and it was so nice to catch up with him! The students from both our campus and SJSU shared their enthusiasm and it, coupled with the administrators’ presence, the Salzburg fellows, and our most recent “Salzburgers” really made it a wonderful evening overall.

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