SAP Participates in Annual High School Counselors Conference

“Travel challenges truths we were raised thinking were self-evident and God-given. And when we travel thoughtfully, we come home with the greatest souvenir — a global perspective.” Rick Steves, American world traveler, philanthropist, and author Every year, high school counselors from all over the South Bay gather with counselors at WVC for a conference. They […]

SAP Faculty Leaders Attend EF’s Orientation and Development Seminar

“EF Tour’s International Training Tour in Barcelona was an invaluable resource for understanding my role as an educator on a study abroad trip. The entire weekend I was surrounded by caring, knowledgeable people who genuinely believe in the transformative power of travel for students.” Nils Michals, MFA, WVC English Department WVC Study Abroad Program has scheduled four study […]

Students in EOPS Learn about Study Abroad Program

Would You Like to Study Abroad? Join us for a special informational  session with Dr. Dulce María Gray, Director of WVC Study Abroad Program Thursday 8 February 2018 12:30 to 1:00 PM in the EOPS office meeting room Attendees will receive a $10 meal card after the session Topics: Make your dream of studying abroad […]