WVMCCCD BOT Approval of SAP Student Travel Budget



MAY 1, 2018


Anne Kepner ∙ President Susan Fish Vice President Adrienne Grey ∙
Randi Kinman
Jack Lucas
Robert Owens
Karl Watanabe

Lani Yoshimoto ∙ MC Student Trustee

Mikela Lazari ∙ WVC Student Trustee

Patrick Schmitt ∙ Chancellor








That the Board of Trustees approve the student/faculty travel for the following Study Abroad Program (SAP) Study Tours held on various dates commencing June 3, 2018, through June 30, 2018.

Funding Source/Fiscal Impact
West Valley College will participate in Study Abroad Programs study tours providing 45 students.

The cost of the site visits to various study tours and seminars is $118,500. The West Valley College Study Abroad Program (SAP) will support the costs detailed below for students as funded by the Entrepreneurial and Land Corporation funds.

Salzburg, Austria: Sixteen students will receive a full scholarship to attend the Global Citizenship Seminar “A New Anti-Globalization?” in Salzburg, Austria.
The students and their faculty advisor, Dr. Tim Kelly, will spend June 13-20, 2018, at Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg reviewing scholarship, interacting with invited speakers, and participating in experiential and other types of instructional formats to learn about leadership and to learn about what it means to be a Global Citizen in the age of globalization. On one of those days, they visit Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site in Germany. Total cost of the Austria program: $46,000.

Dominican Republic: Nine partial scholarship winners will do Service Learning with Children in Cabarete, Dajabón, and Santo Domingo on Dominican Republic from June 10-20, 2018. The total cost for each student is $3,795. Each scholarship is $2,500. Students are responsible for paying the difference. There are eleven students in total who are traveling; two are self-paying the full amount. All students in this study tour are taking English 13 Latino/a Literature being taught by Dr. Dulce Maria Gray. The eleven students and their faculty leader, Dr. Dulce María Gray, depart for this ten-day study tour on June 10, 2018, for Santiago and then transfer to Cabarete, where they will spend six days being trained in Service Learning and then working with the Mariposa Foundation to help educate young girls. For two days they will travel to Dajabón on the Haitian border where they will learn about local history and human rights. During the last two days they will be in Santo Domingo visiting colonial sights and UNESCO treasures, and understanding the legacies that Dominican American writers such as Julia Alvarez and Junot Diaz bring to the United States. Students return on June 20, 2018. Total cost of the Dominican Republic Program: $22,500.

Finland & Estonia: These five partial scholarship winners will participate in a performance singing/chorus tour in Finland and Estonia. Students in WVC’s Chamber Chorus will study and perform American, Latvian, Finnish, and Estonian choral music, and perform Mozart’s Requiem with the Estonian Chamber Orchestra in Tallinn, Estonia. The group will travel through Finland and Estonia from June 6- 17, 2018. The cost of the performing tour is $4,085 per student. There are thirteen students from WVC participating. Five of those students received partial scholarships ($2,500 each) from the Study Abroad Program. Those five students are responsible for paying the difference in cost. The other eight students are completely self-paying. Total cost of the Finland/Estonia program: $12,500.

Japan: Fourteen students will participate in the study tour to Japan that is being led by Karina Dundurs. All students are taking Business 61 Business, Government, and Society taught by Ms. Dundurs. This study tour goes to Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka in Japan to learn about business practices and Japanese culture and history. One highlight of the study tour entails visiting a Toyota factory and offices. This ten- day study tour is from June 3-12, 2018. The cost for each student is $4,440. SAP awarded five partial scholarships, $2,500 to each student. Those five students are responsible for paying the difference in cost. There are nine completely self-paying students in this study tour. Total cost of the Japan program: $12,500.

London- Administration of Justice: Ten students will participate in this study tour to London, England. Students are all taking Administration of Justice 21 Community Relations being taught by Victor Castillo. While in London students will track the evolution of the British legal system and visit the Houses of Parliament, Royal Courts of Justice, the Old Bailey, the Tower of London, the Inns of Court, and they will meet with Metropolitan police officers. This eight-day study tour is from June 18-25, 2018. The cost for each student is $4,180. Five of the students received partial, $2,500 each, scholarships. Those five students are responsible for paying the difference in cost. The other five students are completely self-paying. Total cost of the London program: $12,500.

London- Eng1B: This study tour to London, England is being led by Nils Michals. All students are taking English 1B Critical Thinking through Literature being taught by Nils Michals. Students will learn about the capital city that once was the center of an empire and of literature and arts. They will learn about English history, culture, architecture, traditions, and literature. This seven-day study tour is from June 24-30, 2018. There are eight students in this study tour. The cost for each student is $4,350. Five students received partial scholarships ($2,500 each). Those five students are responsible for paying the difference in cost. The other three students are completely self-paying. Total cost of the London program: $12,500.

Board Policy 7400 indicates that colleges are required to seek Board Approval for any travel at District expense if the total travel expense exceeds $10,000 for any one purpose.

The Study Abroad Program is funded by the College Entrepreneurial and the Land Corporation funds. Scholarship winners are selected by the Global Citizenship Committee and approved by the Office of the President.

Details of the program are coordinated between the Executive Director of General Services, the Director of the Study Abroad Program, the Study Abroad Program faculty, the Vice President of Administrative Services and the President of West Valley College.

Upon Board approval, students will have approval to travel and participate in the Study Abroad Program Study Tours and Global Citizenship Alliance Seminar. Students will be required to present on their experiences upon completing the Study Tours and Seminar.



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