Conference Presentations on GC Certificate

Poster used at the “Cultivating Human Connections in the 21st-Century University” presentation.

The cross-institutional Global Citizenship certificate project has been productive and rewarding! At the end of spring semester 2014 the certificate is nearly complete and in place, and the project has been presented at two different conferences.

Dr. Cynthia Napoli-Abella Reiss, Chair of the WVC Global Citizenship Committee and Professor of Art History, Dr. Stephen Branz, Associate Dean for Curriculum and Director of General Education at San José State University, Dr. Kathryn Davis, Director of the Global Studies Program and Professor of Geography at San José State University, and WVC student Michaela Rhine worked on a poster describing the project and on 8 March 2014 presented it at the 17th Annual CSU Symposium on University Teaching, “Cultivating Human Connections in the 21st-Century University,” held at CA State University San Marcos. The CSU Symposium recognizes and advances excellent teaching practices, disseminates innovative ideas, promotes collaboration, and encourages continuous exploration of teaching. This year’s symposium focused on which high and low tech teaching strategies help us cultivate connections with our students; how we can enhance learning through high impact teaching practices and co-curricular activities; and what strategies help us to better connect and collaborate with our colleagues. The poster presentation, titled “Global Citizenship Certificate Resulting from the Compass Collaboration between SJSU & WVC,” was well received. And, the experience presented a good opportunity to foster student-faculty collaboration and mentoring!

On 11 April 2014, Drs. Branz and Davis led a breakout session titled “Transfer Pathways to a Global Citizenship Certificate at SJSU” during the third annual WVC Global Citizenship Conference at WVC in Saratoga, CA. Following are the twelve slides describing their presentation: